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About Preventa deuterium-depleted drinking water

Preventa® is imported from Hungary and distributed in North America by Preventa America, a CA corporation located in the greater Los Angeles area. It is manufactured from a combination of deuterium-depleted water and natural spring water. Preventa® is the best selling and most well-studied and highly acclaimed deuterium-depleted drinking water in the world.  The water has been the subject of over 70 published scientific and clinical articles in peer-reviewed journals and medical conferences.

The deuterium content of normal drinking water ranges from about 140 to 151 ppm depending on where you live. This is true no matter if that water is from a river, lake, pond, or mountain steam. It’s also true for alkaline water, Kangen water, and the many other waters used to support health and wellness. However, unlike other waters, only deuterium-depleted drinking water can be used to effectively deplete deuterium from the body. Preventa® is available in D-concentrations ranging from 125 down to 25 ppm. Preventa® is sold by the case with each case containing twelve 1.5 L (50.72 oz) bottles.